Синонимы для английских международных экзаменов



КонтактыАвтор статьи -профессиональный преподаватель онлайнАНАСТАСИЯ ВАЛЯЕВАПодготовка к английским  международным экзаменам IELTS TOEFL FCE CAE CPE может быть разной, и зависит от того бала, на который студент целится.


Чтобы сдать на ВЫСОКИЙ БАЛ по IELTS TOEFL CAE CPE, очень важно показать свой лексический багаж, синонимическое разнообразие, использовать high-level vocabulary, т.е. академические слова (Academic Vocabulary), идиомы уровня Advanced (Idioms), словосочетания уровня Advanced (Collocations).


Само по себе изучения лексики уровня Advanced (а также, Proficiency), представляет собой самую сложную часть в подготовке к экзаменам, требующее наибольших усилий.


Поэтому, первый совет – ЧИТАЙТЕ НАУЧНЫЕ СТАТЬИ!


Записывайте, интересные синонимы словам более низкого ранга. В научных статьях вы найдете часто встречающиеся синонимы по части reading IELTS, TOEFL, CAE, CPE.


Следующий совет... Исследуйте  значение синонимов в оксфордских и кембриджских словарях, например, https://dictionary.cambridge.org/dictionary/english/.


При подготовке к части «говорение» speaking английских международных экзаменов, старайтесь вкрапливать high-level vocabulary в свою речь, проверяя на сочетаемость на таких ресурсах как британский или американский корпус https://corpus.byu.edu/bnc/https://corpus.byu.edu/coca/.




Также, очень хороший ресурс словосочетаний по ССЫЛКЕ


Тоже самое нужно делать и при подготовке к письменной (writing) части экзаменов.


Ниже приведен алфавитный список, в большинстве своем именно академических, синонимов для английских международных экзаменов IELTS, TOEFL, CAE, CPE.




Синонимы слов для английских международных




Advanced – leading, progressive, state-of-the-art, breakthrough, cutting-edge

Amazing - incredible, fantastic, fabulous, astonishing, extraordinary

Answer – respond, comment, explanation, feedback, interpretation, justification, key, observation, remark, resolution, response, statement, sign, solution, clarify, deal with, claim, argue, defend, plead, resolve, deny

Awful - terrible, abominable, dreadful, horrible, repulsive, despicable, atrocious

Act – create, develop, enforce, execute, operate, pursue, respond, undertake



Bad - evil, spoiled, imperfect, infamous, dismal, atrocious, awful, crummy, dreadful, lousy, rough, unacceptable, unhealthy, wrong, rotten, disastrous, harsh, painful, terrible, grim, unfavorable, unpleasant, unfortunate

Base – underpinnings, support, ground, foundation, groundwork

Be -  pose, last

Beautiful - gorgeous, ravishing, dazzling, exquisite, stunning, appealing, alluring, charming, delicate, delightful, elegant, exquisite, fascinating, graceful, grand, magnificent, marvelous, splendid, superb

Begin - initiate, commence, inaugurate, introduce, launch, embark, undertake, establish

Best – first-rate, leading, outstanding, perfect

Big - huge, enormous, gigantic, humongous, substantial, mammoth, colossal, considerable, hefty, massive, sizable, tremendous, vast

Boring – dull, tiresome, mundane, humdrum, monotonous, stale, tame, tedious, trite, uninteresting

Break - rupture, fracture, shatter, smash, crack, crush, damage, fracture, separate, sever, split, tear

Buy – purchase, obtain, market, acquire, procure



Calm - serene, peace, tranquil, harmonious, placid, smooth, soothing

Come - approach, arrive, appear, enter, happen, materialize, occur, reach, attain, approach

Cold (Cool)  - chilly, frosty, frigid

Condition – position, situation, plight, circumstances

Choice – alternative, option, preference, variety, vote, opportunity

Choose – elect, select, prefer, appoint, cast, designate, determine, embrace, favor, judge, prefer, single out

Cut - сhop, slash, slit, wound, carve, curtail, divide, diminish

Change (verb) – alter, develop, modify, reshape, transform, shift, adjust,  evolve, reform, resolve, shape, vary, reverse, switch

Change (noun) – switch, turnaround, innovation, modification, revision, transformation. shift, variation, advance, adjustment

Clean – purge, disinfect, rinse

Continue – proceed, advance, endure, last, linger, progress, pursue, remain, sustain



Dangerous - hazardous, risky, precarious, alarming, fatal, threatening, unhealthy, unsafe, unstable

Decide - determine, settle, conclude, elect, resolve, select, vote

Decision – choice, determination, opinion, outcome, resolution, agreement, selection, settlement, verdict

Definite - certain, positive, obvious

Delicious - savory, titbit, delectable

Describe - portray, characterize

Destroy - demolish, slay, ruin, raze

Difference - disagreement, inequity, dissimilarity

Difficult – challenging, daunting, taxing, tough, tricky

Dull - boring, uninteresting, monotonous, humdrum, dreary



Easy – straightforward, effortless, uncomplicated

Eat (get food) – forage, rummage

End - terminate, conclude, cessation, edge, deadline, term, point

Explain - elaborate, interpret

Essential – crucial, critical, vital, integral, indispensable

Excellent – magnificent, phenomenal, top-notch, world-class, outstanding

Effective – compelling, competent, efficient, forceful, impressive, potent, powerful, sufficient, valid

Event – accident, act, action, business, case, episode, experience, fact, incident, matter, occasion, situation

Evident – notable, remarkable, memorable, noticeable, conspicuous



Fall - descend, topple, decline, plunge, recession, reduction

Famous - well-known, renowned, eminent, illustrious, noted

Fast - rapid, hasty, agile, brisk, accelerated, active,

Fat - stout, corpulent, chubby, bulky, obese, hefty

Funny - amusing, humorous, droll

Free – disengaged, complimentary, independent, unrestricted, unfettered

Fight – Combat, battle, resist, oppose, repel, withstand



Get - acquire, obtain, secure, procure, gather, gain

Get rid of – eliminate, dispose of, exterminate

Good - excellent, wonderful, superior, gracious, superb, splendid, genuine, sterling, top-notch, perfect, marvelous, satisfying, exceptional, acceptable

Great - worthy, distinguished, grand, considerable, mighty, enormous, extreme, huge, immense, tremendous, vast

Go - be under way, progress, operate, continue, function, extend, range, reach, develop, proceed, serve, endure

Go back to – renege, reverse, default



Happy – cheerful, contended, ecstatic, jubilant, pleased, delighted, elated, joyful, ecstatic, jubilant, jaunty

Hate - despise, loathe, abhor, abominate

Have - possess, own, acquire, accept, admit, gain, obtain, receive, retain

Help - aid, assist, support, encourage, relieve, maintain, bolster

Hide - conceal, cover, mask, veil

High – great, huge, immense, lofty, soaring, steep, tremendous, excessive, stiff, boisterous, bouncy, elated, exalted

Huge – colossal, gigantic, astronomical, immense, gargantuan



Idea - thought, concept, notion, cues, suggestion, hint, clue, conclusion, interpretation, meaning, opinion, solution, theory, understanding, view

Important - necessary, vital, critical, indispensable, valuable, essential, famous, notable

Interesting - fascinating, engaging, spirited, intriguing, gripping, enthralling, captivating, enchanting, intriguing

Illness – ailment, breakdown, disability, disorder, malady, realm

Irrelevant -  inconsequential, useless, meaningless, trivial, insignificant

Influential – authoritative, dominant, persuasive, prominent, significant


Keep - retain, conduct, preserve



Little - tiny, diminutive, exiguous, dinky, cramped

Look - gaze, glance, peek, glimpse, stare, leer

Look into - investigate, delve into, explore, inquire, inspect, probe, sift, prospect, scrutinize

Love -  admire, fancy, adore, cherish, treasure, esteem, idolize, venerate

Lucky  - fortunate

Like – be interested in, be addicted, be accustomed, be attached, be devoted, be inclined, be obsessed, completely devoted to, captivated, preoccupied



Make - create, originate, invent, construct, manufacture, produce, compose, cause, force, conduct, establish, form, perform, prepare, reach, advance, attain

Many – copious, abundant, numerous, ample, bountiful

Move – act, advance,  migrate, plod, creep, crawl, drag, toddle, shuffle, trot, lumber, meander, progress, propel, push, relocate, remove, shift, switch, transfer



Neat - orderly, tidy, trim, natty, smart, elegant

New - unique, modern, current, recent, contemporary, up-to-date, novel fresh



Old - feeble, ancient, aged, veteran, mature, primitive, stale, outdated, antiquated, obsolete, archaic, old-fashioned



Place - draw, map, diagram, procedure, method, blueprint

Promise – commitments, guarantee, pledge, responsibility



Rare – sparse, infrequent, meagre

Really - considerably, substantially, essentially, extensively

Responsibility – burden, duty, liability, obligation



Show - display, exhibit, indicate, reveal, demonstrate, perform

Swap - exchange

Strong - powerful, potent,  firm, intense, solid, rampant

Solve – clarify, determine, settle

Solvation – deliverance, redemption

So – hence, thus

Surprise – overwhelm, amaze, astound, confound, confuse, dazzle, disconcert, dismay, dumbfound, perplex, startle, unsettle

The same – ditto, equal, equivalent, look-alike



Talented – accomplished, adept, brilliant, capable, intelligent, proficient, skilled

Tell - disclose, reveal, expose, narrate, inform, divulge

Try - attempt

Talk -  converse, chat, commune

Think – meditate, consider, determine, judge, assume, speculate, contemplate, hypothesize, ruminate, surmise, weigh, wonder, reflect, suspect



Use - employ, exhaust, apply, handle, exploit, operate, practice, wield

Uncertain – doubtful, questionable, dubious, far-fetched, unproven

Unique – noteworthy, exclusive, particular, rare, uncommon, conspicuous



Very – absolutely, utterly, highly, deeply, certainly, eminently, exceedingly, excessively, extraordinarily, extremely, incredibly, noticeably, particularly, profoundly, profound, remarkably, uncommonly

Variant – alternative, option, possible choice



Wrong - incorrect, inaccurate, mistaken, erroneous, improper, unsuitable

Weak – frail, feeble, shaky, flimsy, fragile, anemic, sluggish, unsteady, weakened, wobbly, debilitating

Weaken – exacerbate, infuriate, provoke, intensify, irritate, annoy, aggravate, ebb, decay, abatement, degenerate, deteriorate, dwindle, recede, plummet, retreat

Weakness – fatigue, lethargy, weariness, flaw, failing, deficiency, fragility, lapse, shortcoming, vulnerability, suppress



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Более подробную информацию о каждом синониме c примерами в предложениях можно найти в словаре Collins Thesaurus https://www.collinsdictionary.com/us/dictionary/english-thesaurus
















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